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Bubbles and Butterflies: Daybreak Regular Cross-Stitch (Downloadable PDF)

Bubbles and Butterflies: Daybreak Regular Cross-Stitch (Downloadable PDF)

Our charts only contain the following:

A cover page,

A page of general instructions

The chart itself, the final page which is the key.

Please note: the estimated thread lengths are given in inches NOT in skeins. But for point of reference, each skein of DMC embroidery floss equals approximately 939.6 inches of cross stitches being worked with 2 strands.

Also, please note, this is not a finished design, you have to work it yourself!


Bubbles and Butterflies Crosstitch Charts

We are pleased to offer our lovely Bubbles and Butterflies images as charts, Blue Dream, Gathering Storm, Daybreak, and Purple Lace.  The charts are all 88 colours on 22 count cloth and all 43 pages long.  The charts vary in size but again, not by much. This set of four would be a charming display when finished.


Daybreak Crosstitch Chart

Daybreak is the second image in the series in appealing shades of pink and light purple with the faery looking toward the sunrise. The chart is a finished design of 528 stitches wide by 402 high – 24 x 18.3 inches on 22 count cloth, with the estimated thread length in inches. The grand total of stitches 212,256.

    $19.99 Regular Price
    $14.99Sale Price
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