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Book Five: Concubine Hardcover Novel

Book Five: Concubine Hardcover Novel exclusive!
Limited First Edition of 1000 signed and numbered hard cover books.

Book is 6 1/4 inches wide and 9 1/4 inches tall.

First Edition Concubine includes 16 full colour paintings by Nene Thomas and are signed and numbered by Nene and Steven. Only first edition copies will have the colour illustrations. Concubine is a limited edition of 1000 hard cover books that features 16 full colour, full page illustrations. Concubine #21 through #999 signed by Steven and Nene are $35.00. 

  • Concubine: Book Five of the Zarryiostrom

    The Dragonlands has fallen. Though the armies of the Lord of Snows had centuries to prepare for the coming of the Undead, the Queen of Havoc proved herself to be more than their match, even with the martial prowess of Phaedron Daane and the magical might of Chesare Illvanna supporting them.

    Phaedron Daane, accidentally left for dead by his own allies as the capital of the Dragonlands fell, has seen firsthand what lies in store for the world should the Undead win. Now, he mush find some way to convince the warring factions of Zarryiosiad's empire to set aside their differences and work together to do what the Dragonlands could not--defeat the Undead. Luckily, he isn't alone. Granted command of a massive army of Dragonlanders, and with the help of Lady Prudence Daemira and King Ascham Illvanin, he may have a chance to unite the kingdoms of the west into an army that can challenge the Queen of Havoc.

    Prince Valeriad Dhaerhan, having left the smoldering embers of his wife's funeral pyre for training with the Queen of Assassins, longs for revenge against his hated half-brother, Phaedron, the man he holds responsible for Lyrahe's death. But now that he has returned home, the duties and responsibilities he left behind await him. Foremost among them is his marriage to Tais Illvanna, the Queen of Illymar. That plan has its own flaws, however, as Tais has been successful in her attempt to ensnare his father, King Madari Dhaerhan, into falling in love with her.

    Now that she has obtained a measure of control over the King of Dakkadia, Tais can use her influence and her cunning to test the limits of his alliance with his subordinates. In particular, the petty and spiteful Brendenn DeVir longs to prove himself to be King Madari's equal in measure, making him a perfect target for the concubine's destabilizing efforts.

    Finally, the war between the three Norns--the Lady of Whispers, the Queen of Shadows, and the Queen of Fate--has intensified. Veritessa, the Lady of Whispers, has played her part masterfully, driving the world to the brink of destruction with single-minded determination. Can Astranaithes and Severeielle find a way to stop her mad scheme before it is too late?

    CONCUBINE is the fifth book of the "Zarryiostrom" written by fantasy artist Nene Tina Thomas and her husband, Steven C. Plagman.

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