Honor Harrington 1903 PD Art Print

Honor Harrington 1903 PD (15 ” x 26″ © 2015)

Honor is a signed and numbered print by both Nene Thomas and David Weber, limited edition of 2000. For those of you who have read Nene’s new art book, “The Unwinding Path”, you may have noticed the introduction was written by Sci-Fi author David Weber, of “Honor Harrington” and the “Safehold” series fame. David and his wife Sharon have been friends of ours for years, and as a “thank you!” for writing the intro, Nene agreed to paint a portrait of David’s most iconic character, Honor Harrington, and her treecat, Nimitz.We saw them last year at DragonCon, at which time we asked David which version of Honor he wanted to see painted. After all, with 27 “Honorverse” novels and counting, her character has gone through many changes. He said that if he could choose an iteration, he would like to see painted as she looked at the end of the second novel, “The Honor of the Queen”.The title of this painting is “Honor Harrington 1903 PD”, and it features Captain Honor Harrington as she looked after the Second Battle of Yeltsin’s Star. The uniform, rank, and awards are as close to accurate as Nene could make them, which was only possible through the tireless efforts of Thomas Pope of BuNine.


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